Spring on the Farm! 20 March 2017

A few pictures from Shannon’s Farms:

A small raised garden area  started for our personal needs, and a shallow-till area where Spring flower seed have been broadcast.




From 2016 – a collard plant that was left (others were pulled, processed and in our freezer as foodstuff) for “going to seed” – look closely and see the happy honey bee!

2016 – the year we reseeded Texas native wildflowers. We do this every few years to keep them strongly present. Here is our first early “full grown” bluebonnet!

Right on time:  flowers, dozens of a trumpet vine variety, planted here at Shannon’s Farms 16 years ago, growing to maturity soon to be food for the migrating early Spring hummingbirds.  Also look closely and see the big black & yellow bumble bee!

Dozens of wild plums in our strongly wooded 2-3 acres are blooming extra-well this year; hopefully, soon making fruit for the creatures!

Blooming blackberry white blooms soon to be fruit shared with hungry mockingbirds here at Shannon’s Farms.

Blooming bluebonnets spilling over from Shannon’s Farms onto the roadside on Terry Lane.

Pre-Spring 2017 Update

Quick pre-Spring check:

Pre-Spring pictures — a freshly planted Granny Smith apple tree, heavily mulched fig trees with lots of new young growth (hopefully no extreme hard killer freeze in our future) with a few “puppy dog feet” (bluebonnets) in the foreground, and our newly created wildflower bed adding to the continued enrichment of our wildlife management area, an ongoing process here at Shannon’s Farms.

Pecan tree update:  60+ trees are now growing at Shannon’s Farms and less than ten of those are volunteers leaving a good balance of more than 50 pecan trees of varying age and size that we have been successful planting here at Shannon’s Farms.  (The squirrels can hardly wait! 🙂 )

Blooming Beauty at Shannon’s Farms!

Apologies for those of you currently suffering allergies, this guy certainly is one of the culprits! The good news is the tree is a native and requires a zero amount of watering through even the driest season. PLEASE SAVE OUR WATER!! – love from Ern


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