Spring 2020 is Now Known as the COVID-19 Spring

All this hibernating, er, quarantining, at home has not felt like too much change for us although it does give Ernie and me more time to get out and enjoy the beauty of Shannon’s Farms!  Here are some much delayed pictures of recent goings-on at the farm. We’ve been working on enhancing the pond, repairing fences, and playing with the dirt (i.e., compost!).  We’ve also been enjoying our bluebird families, rabbit families, painted bunting couple, and mourning doves, cardinals and other songbirds! Enjoy and stay safe! – Becky


Foggy Morning

We love foggy mornings here at Shannon’s Farms.  Everything seems to move slower on foggy mornings.  The songbirds either wake up later or wait to chirp until later.  The mechanized sounds of our world around us is muted.  Life just seems to move slower on foggy mornings.  We are so blessed this early February morning to welcome a beautiful day to Shannon’s Farms!

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