Wildlife & Wildflower Management

wildlife managementWe are a Texas Parks and Wildlife Certified Wildlife Management Area and a National Wildlife Foundation Certified Wildlife Habitat. Our goal in this area is to preserve and enhance native wildlife populations and habitat. Our wildlife and wildflower management area designation is a very important part of our vision for Shannon’s Farms™. We believe that managing the wildlife and wildflower habitats effectively and naturally makes for a beautiful experience for viewers of our seasonal wildflowers. We have families of coyotes, rabbits, roadrunners, and numerous insects that live year-round in our protected 10 acre area. The occasional bobcat and mountain lion finds its way through our woods to find water in our small pond. The pond area is enhanced by a man-made 4-5 foot waterfall that serves two small reflecting pools. The waterfall runs 24/7. Our trees are filled with many varieties of native birds virtually year-round, but also traveling groups of hummingbirds, ducks, herons, jays and many other species.

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