Raising Chickens

Buffy, Blackie & Brownie having a "spa day" in the flower bed!

Buffy, Blackie & Brownie having a “spa day” in the flower bed!

Update:  We no longer raise chickens.  Unfortunately, our flock was decimated in 2019 by an animal that got into their coop.  We decided to not replace the hens at this time.


While our flock is small, the real point is to raise healthy, happy chickens that produce healthier, more nutritious eggs. We are continuously learning more about how to raise chickens and how to construct hen houses and large runs that give them the freedom they need to free-range without risk of predators (and keeps us from having to babysit them to ensure that as well!). We feed them organic chicken feed from our friends at Coyote Creek Farm in Elgin, Texas. If you ever have the chance to go by there, you should take a few hours to see what they do there! They provide the highest quality organic feeds that are free of antibiotics, hormones, and recycled animal byproducts.

Our chickens live outside and are allowed to scratch in the earth and grass for worms, bugs, and grubs to satisfy their natural need for animal protein. Our chickens also like to take dust baths to keep themselves clean (I call it having a “spa day”), to socialize with their sisters in uncrowded conditions, and to have fresh clean air to breathe and healthy sunshine for optimal health.

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