Educational Opportunities

educational opportunitiesOne of our goals at Shannon’s Farms™ is to provide area school children the opportunity to see organic farming and wildlife enrichment and management practices at work. At times, kids think that fruits and vegetables come from the store and don’t have the experience to understand that before it arrives at the store, it was on a farm, in an orchard, or on a ranch somewhere. They think wildflowers only grow on the sides of the interstates or down in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. We want to be able to provide learning opportunities for these kids in compost management, wildlife and wildscape management, gardening and small scale farming, and raising healthy chickens. We will provide tours of our ten acre farm upon request and will work with teachers to provide the resources that will help them teach the curriculum they need. We strongly feel that this type of community outreach will help our neighbors in Heath, Rockwall, Forney and the surrounding communities learn how to manage their own yards, gardens and natural areas in an organic, more environmentally friendly manner.

Another goal of ours is to make our community a healthier place. We “Heathens” already are health conscious – just look at all the runners, joggers, bicycling enthusiasts, tennis players and golfers all over the city! But it can be so much more so with guidance and empowerment given to entire families to help them make healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

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