Conservation Practices

conservation practicesConservation, conservative, a huge word used perhaps all too often in a small minded vocabulary. Here at Shannon’s Farms™, we’d like to change that heretofore misuse of that huge word conservation. For some people, in the beginning, aka in Genesis, God (if you believe in such principles – for us at Shannon’s Farms™, we do) put forth the basic idea: “Be fruitful and multiply.” The idea implied (and is inferred by us at Shannon’s Farms™) work for and towards the good. Bottom line: the Earth is good; take care of it!

Fast forward to today. Rape, injustice and exploitation all too often reign from the human drive and deadly sins of greed and gluttony. Although, here at Shannon’s Farms™ we’re not perfect, we’re trying as best we can (failing at times) to live the conservation idea for the Earth.

As I sit here on my front porch writing, I look up and the first thing that catches my eye is the Maximilian sunflowers blooming just outside the boundaries of the front yard and protectively throughout many areas on the ten acres of Shannon’s Farms™. This is their time of year! Drive around Rockwall County. There will be few places you will see these majestic beauties. Perhaps in a few locations where the mow machines could not reach, you will see them growing.

I use this example as a way to give meaning to the word, conservation. Here at Shannon’s Farms™, letting the natural beauty of wild growth using a portion of the hundreds of naturally placed wildflowers that beautify the state of Texas on our ten acre landscape may bring, hopefully, a good insight into the word, conservation.

Just as a point of reference: the “rape” side of conservation will find the use of “crapicides” to “shape” an environment and that brings cancer to our children and sends poisons down to the underground water table that eventually add to the ongoing destruction of our and God’s good earth.

As our website develops, there will be, perhaps on a kind of quarterly basis, a postscript of the above which will give further meaning to the ideas of conservation. The above is a living and developing thought process.

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