Shannon’s Farms’ Farm Report, Vol. I, No. 2

full moonThis early Tuesday morning at 0329 CST, the full moon became, for an eye blink, radically full of beauty, and so it’s time for the Shannon’s Farms’ “How’s It Going Out There?” post.  The focus this month – a “Yay Earth!” comment for conservation in the form of  a few thoughts about a composting pile or heap.

Design ideas and how to’s for compost heaps abound at dozens or even hundreds of places (websites, books, etc.), so this month’s narrative will be shared by means of a semi-simple “short story.”

costa rico rain forestImagine, if you will, a beautifully rich rain forest and in its midst – a fabulous and well-maintained coffee plantation, perhaps even looked after meticulously organically by its dedicated farmers.  The coffee beans grow, drawing their wonderful flavor and energy from the soil:  soil that has been continually enriching itself in this lush rain forest for hundreds of thousands of years.  That bean, the crown of creation for its species, is harvested by hardworking hands and, long story short, ends up in your coffee grinder, coffeemaker and, of course, eventually in your morning cup of coffee.

compost heapWhat do you do with the spent grounds?  May we suggest the compost heap?!  Imagine them processed as part of that compost heap you may want to build in the corner of your back yard.  365 days a year, for years as part of all the other “green parts” you presently run down through your “garbage” disposal, now become a very rich addition to super soil you personally are building for the better.  Wow!  Coffee grounds, the heart of the rain forest (or at least part of it) right there in your back yard getting ready to be part of that 10′ x 20′, 20′ x 30′, 50′ x 70′, or whatever size you feel comfortable to manage, garden of fresh food for your personal enjoyment.

Peace, Love & Rice – Ernie

PS – Want to get in touch with a fabulous publication that, on a monthly basis, gives enrichment?  Try  We highly recommend buying a subscription.  It truly is, in our opinion, definitely worth the subscription price.  Its supply of stories, information, etc., are great and compost heaps are just one of the many, many subjects Living Natural First touches upon.

PPS – This month’s pictures – part of the idea “A picture tells a thousand words,” or, “Composting at Shannon’s Farms:”

old compost pile


Where the compost heap has gathered goodness for 10 years or so – now being moved for improvement.


new compost pilenew compost pile 2The compost heap’s new location – could there be coffee grounds from 10 years ago?  Yes! for sure if only in contribution of the ongoing, “compost happens!”



leaves for compost (2)Brown fodder (picked up off someone’s curbside) with the “green” to mix for the compost heap.  An added bonus – reducing landfill throw-away for the better!

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