Long Time No See!

Well, it’s been a long time since we’ve posted on here (as well as on our Facebook page), but it’s not that we’ve been slacking off on the work around the farm!  So often, it seems that we get so busy in our non-farm lives that we have little time left for reflection and blogging about what goes on around here.

So here are some updates:

We had a wonderful winter with beautiful snow followed by a really wet spring that has filled our lakes to capacity and beyond!  Just a few short months ago, we were in a terrible, serious drought that had our lakes at 60% capacity at best —  many out west were even much worse, and now, we are all full and there is flooding down stream.  Our prayers go out to those families and communities inundated with water.

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Becky has been keeping very busy with work with the Rockwall County Open Space Alliance as they work with the Verdunity/WRT team on development of an Open Space Master Plan which is gathering input from the county’s cities, citizens, and state and federal governmental agencies to derive a plan of action for preserving open space in all of its different forms as our little county (12 miles square) grows by leaps and bounds.  Check out our work on the RCOSA website here.

2014-11-19 14.15.28 - Copy

Ernie has been keeping very busy with chores around the farm, including planting new Afghan pine trees that came in from the West Texas A&M Forest Service nursery as well as more pecan trees for our pecan orchard in our back acreage.

2015-05-07 09.08.32 2015-05-07 08.36.45 2015-05-07 08.36.22 2015-03-30 10.37.44 2015-03-27 10.57.10 2014-11-25 08.24.31 - Copy

We have added to our flock of chickens and enlarged the hen house and coop area.  We now have seven hens with four of them producing eggs now!  We are hopeful that we will be able to have enough to sell at our Rockwall Farmers Market this summer!

2015-05-24 12.44.49 2015-05-24 12.44.40 2015-05-24 12.35.31 2015-05-24 12.34.17 2015-05-24 12.07.49 2015-05-24 12.07.25 2015-03-05 06.38.49

We thank you for visiting our site, and look forward to a wonderful 2015!

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