Heron Sighting!

Update! It was a Little Blue Heron!
You never know who will turn up on the farm – a beautiful large grey crane of some sort! I’ll have to look up what species it was exactly!



  1. Becky & Ernie,

    I think we are kindrey souls. I love your farm and concpet. Becky & I know of each other from the Rockwall County Open Space Alliance but my wife & I have another very close coonnection with you two. We live in SE Rockwall County in a residential development that I planned & designed in the early 2000’s. Originally a 1200 ac development, now about 800 ac due to the 2008 recession, that has 70% of it total land in a conservation easement. On average, each 10 ac residential lot has a 3 ac home site with the other 7 ac in the dedicated easement, with all the easement land freely flowing and fully connected. I can send you a copy of the master plan if you are interested. The concept of the development is to restore the tall grass prairie and a lot has been done already. For my lawn area I have planted Buffalo & Blue Grama (Am. Nat Seed). I would like to visit your place and have you visit us too. I really like what you are doing and feel that we are so lucky to both be able to pull this off. Thank Bob & Patsy DeJean h)972-551-3111

    • Shannons Farms says

      That sounds great, Bob! We are kindred spirits it sounds like! We get our native grass and wildflower seeds from Native American Seed down in Junction.

      Interesting footnote about them. These people had a nice big nursery near Flower Mound and they completely switched gears and moved down to Junction and started focusing on restoring native species. Ernie first met them when we were all in Denton County.

      Let us know when you want to come by! And we’d love to see what you’re doing.

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