Cool, Rainy Days Bring Renewal to the Farm

The fall colors are starting to show at Shannon's Farms!

The fall colors are starting to show at Shannon’s Farms!

It always happens… cool, rainy mornings turn into cool, rainy days and that means you have to make yourself get outside and work.  Today, that means feeding the chickens and letting them roam around outside their run to get the bugs and such that have risen from the earth with the rainwater.  It also means starting the clean-up work that tree-cutters we hired to open up some of the overgrown pines left in their wake.  Stuff that needs to be done, even though we’d rather be sitting inside, drinking coffee or hot tea, finding rest and renewal.

But what also happens on these days happens outside in nature.  Rains and cool temperatures bring renewal to the drought-thirsty plants, grasses and trees.  Even though fall is in the air, the yellowing of the leaves on the trees looks fresher and more vibrant in their color.  The annual rye and Austrian peas that Ernie put in for ground cover during the last weeks before our rainy season started are rising in their beds like kids peaking out from under their covers.  The wheat that Ernie planted just the other day is enjoying the cool bath the rainwater brings.  The fall wildflowers that go dormant for so long over the summer are now reaching high into the sky looking for sunlight and gathering energy to bloom even longer.  The spring wildflowers’ green growth is jumping out with all the rain.  We hope this fall will see the end of our drought!  Bring it on!

So, while it’s a nice thought that we should all take rest and find renewal in rainy days, it’s worth keeping in mind that life goes on around us on these types of days.  We just need to go outside to look for it and enjoy it!

Enjoy your day! – Becky

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