Bluebonnets are Everywhere!

We have been so blessed and honored this year at Shannon’s Farms to have had many families come take their annual family pictures in our bluebonnets! Attached are just but a few. Enjoy and Happy Easter!



Bluebonnets Around Heath – April 2014

The bluebonnets growing on Shannon’s Farms and all around Heath are just beautiful this year!  Enjoy a few examples of God’s great work!

Shannon's Farms Bluebonnets

Bluebonnets in Heath – photos taken within 1/2 mi of Shannon’s Farms

Recent Shannon’s Farm Report Pictures

Enjoy some recent pictures taken around Shannon’s Farms!

"Crap" Myrtle

“Crap” Myrtle

Winter cover crops

Winter cover crops



Fall colors at Shannon's Farms

Fall colors at Shannon’s Farms

Cannas & Almost Wild Roses

Forest colors at Shannon's Farms

Forest colors at Shannon’s Farms

Cedar Elm

Cedar Elm

Fall Colors at Shannon’s Farms

The fall colors are starting to show at Shannon's Farms!

The fall colors are starting to show at Shannon’s Farms!

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