About The Farm

Organic FarmingShannon’s Farms™ is a small organic family farm focusing on organic gardening and farming activities and wildlife and wildscape enrichment. We focus our farming efforts primarily on garden-to-table vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, various varieties of jalapeno peppers, okra, sweet corn, and lettuces. We use no pesticides or herbicides in our gardens or in the environment around us. We use kitchen-waste compost to help fertilize and feed the garden plots. We also use mulch made from our native woods around all of our fruit and pecan trees. We encourage our native wild mustang grape vines and harvest enough grapes each year to produce many pints and quarts of grape/pear and/or grape/apple jams and preserves from our fruit trees. We farm half acre sections of wheat, rye and oats which we use for straw hay and bird feed. We are now about 15 years into our orchard of a variety of pecan trees. We have now planted about 90 trees mostly in our back five acre tract.

In that same area are plots where wildflowers are encouraged to grow and propagate. A loosely designed checkerboard effect is created by the planting of crops (usually wheat, annual rye/Austrian peas in rotation) with the idea of soil enrichment to fulfill the purpose of being organic in the production of various vegetables in areas where native wildflowers haven’t developed a foothold.  We are former members of Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.

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