A Winter’s Solstice Message

With the Winter Solstice here and gone for 2015, a message from Shannon’s Farms seems in order!

2015-12-15 09.06.57

A 15 December 2015 picture taken of the late standing Maximillian sunflower, usually one of the very last here at the farm to show its wildflower colors.

Shared also are pictures of the processing of food scraps (very little is wasted here at the farm) for another composting heap.  This processing attempts to keep us “ahead of the curve”, ensuring an adequate supply of organic enrichment materials (natural fertilizers, if you prefer) for our ongoing challenge of making for the better our gardening spots.

And finally, Merry Christmas to everyone!  May the New Year bring you health, happiness, and much love.

Ernie, Becky, Shannon and Benjamin

2015-10-13 10.14.002015-10-13 10.25.562015-10-17 11.14.242015-10-13 11.17.14

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